So What? Impact…

Bradford and Craven – Self Care and Prevention Training Programme

In September 2016, RIPEN secured the pilot Training and Development Project as part of Bradford and Cravens Self Care and Prevention Programme. This involved the development and delivery of a change training package utilising motivational interviewing and behavioural change techniques. Between September 2016 and May 2017, 332 people from the workforce and 201 citizens participated in the programme. 20 courses were facilitated across Bradford and Craven for professionals from health, social care and the third sector and 16 sessions were facilitated for a wide range of Bradford and Craven citizens.

A survey was used to assess the impact on practice for workforce participants. 48% of participants responded. 98% had raised their awareness of methods to empower the people that they work with; 88% were supporting and enabling people to work out their own solutions; 86% were more thoughtful about how and when they provide information, advice and guidance and 81% now work with people using strengths based approaches. 80% had improved their ability to reflectively listen and 83% were listening out for and responding to change talk.  96% of participants rated the trainer and resources as good or excellent.

Based on the evaluation of the pilot programme RIPEN has successfully secured a further contract for 2017-2018 facilitating a more targeted and graduated approach to workforce development and working alongside the third sector on the development of a co-produced change development programme for the people of Bradford and Craven.

L30 Community Centre

In April 2016 RIPEN was commissioned by Fun4Kidz, a childcare charity who also have responsibility for the management and development of the L30 Community Centre.

They had been in receipt of Lottery funding for 5 years and wanted an evaluation along with support to develop future funding applications.

Angela used co-production methodology for this piece of work. 476 people contributed to the evaluation and the number of local people using the community asset increased.

As a consequence of the evaluation a further four years funding has been secured in order to further develop asset based community development approaches.

This organisation holds a special place in Angela’s heart, having been responsible for its creation when employed by a local regeneration programme in 1997. Angela is now a trustee of the charity.

Listen to Debbie Stephens the Chief Executive of Fun4kidz talk about her experience of working with RIPEN.

Work to support children who live on the streets in Kampala

In October 2015 Angela volunteered to visit Kampala in Uganda to support Retrak’s work alongside a team of police and fire officers.  As well as developing an understanding of the lives of children Angela was also involved in the development and delivery of a training programme for police officers and social workers in Kampala.

“Angela was involved in a ground breaking project to help police, social workers and charities to work closer together in the protection of street children in Uganda . She delivered an excellent training package explaining the link to attachment theory and helping participants to develop strategies suited to their own local conditions.

This has already led to higher levels of cooperation and reduced use of police detention.

Angela showed great sensitivity and expertise and quickly gained the respect and attention of the audience.”

Sir Peter Fahy. Chief Executive Officer. Retrak.

The work with girls and young women particularly touched Angela.  Angela will return to Kampala in 2018 to support the development of a second centre for girls and young women.