Conversations for Change

Conversations for Change

About Programme

Conversations for Change is a programme of workshops which aim to enable participants to develop a sound introduction and grounding in the communication technique of Motivational Interviewing.

Three x three hour workshops are hosted over a three or six week period to allow time for practice and reflection.

Other influences that guide the values and practice of RIPEN can be spotted in the way that the workshops are stewarded – asset based community development, appreciative inquiry, narrative practice and mindfulness.

COVID Facilitation

Conversations for Change currently takes place in the land of Zoom, where break out rooms are used to enable participation and practice.

Part One

Part One introduces and allows space for the practice of listening with presence and empathy and being with silence.  An overview of Motivational Interviewing is provided and the art of asking open ended questions and responding to what you hear is practiced.

Part Two

Part Two further explores the art of reflective listening.  It  introduces the ideas of sustain talk and change talk.  Together we explore the way in which we influence the direction of the conversation according to the way in which we respond. We reap what we sow.  Strategies that can be used to develop confidence along with techniques for use when importance to  appears low are also explored.  There is an opportunity to watch film within this workshop.

Part Three

Part Three builds on Part Two with a deeper focus on the use of affirmations to build confidence and hope. Different types of reflections are introduced and practiced.   The workshop provides a safe space for workshop participants to practice and polish new ways of hosting conversations.


Conversations Club

Experience tells RIPEN that the shift  in the way we communicate requires ongoing practice.

RIPEN offers monthly Conversation Clubs.  These can be facilitated as stand alone workshops or take on a team focus with the aim of embedding the practice within peer support / group supervision processes. Clubs are currently hosted in Sefton and Bradford as part of wider contracts.

Conversations for Change Resources

Conversation for Change participants have access to the resource section of the website.  All slides and films are hosted in this space.

Engage to Change Resources

Engage to Change participants have access to the resource section of the website.  All films are hosted in this space.

Developing Conversations Resources

Developing Conversations participants have access to the resource section of the website.  All films are hosted in this space.


Play Video

You can learn more about why Angela is a fan of Motivational Interviewing in this short film.

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If you’d like to know more about the style, you can watch Angela provide a simple and short overview here.

Available Workshops

Open Programmes Now Available

At RIPEN we are thrilled to announce that we are able to open up the Conversations for Change experience.

We would be delighted to welcome you.

We are offering the experience at an introductory price of £90 per person.

In order to reserve one of the 24 places available at each experience please complete a booking form. 

 Once we receive your booking form we will send you payment details.  

Your place will be confirmed on receipt of payment.



Open Programmes

May / June Programme

9.30 – 12.30 on 20th May, 27th May & 3rd June

June / July Programme

9.30 – 12.30 on 22nd June, 29th June & 6th July 

Closed Programmes

If you would like to know more about a bespoke programme for your team or organisation please do get in touch with Angela at


RIPEN has facilitated Conversations for Change workshops for over 1500 helping professionals since 2016 as part of a contract held with Bradford Council on behalf of Live Well. Workshops have been hosted in multi disciplinary contexts with helping professionals from across health, social, care and the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector, and, as intensive support programmes for identified teams. It has been usual to have a nurse, occupational therapist, social worker and a community connector in the same workshop.

Key themes from the evaluation include:

Enabling helping professionals to move from a style of Doing To → Doing With.  Letting go of the desire to fix and listening to understand.

Helping professionals have noticed that when they take more time to consciously look for strengths and build on what people can do it can help people to resolve mixed feelings and move forward.  It has been noted too, that this requires practice as we have been trained to spot and respond to needs.

The programme has been evaluated and you can read a summary of the 2018-2020 report Click button below.

Engage to Change Resources

Conversations for Change Resources

Developing Conversations Resources

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