Angela is accredited to teach the Breathworks approach to mindfulness. Breathworks are passionate about helping people living with pain, illness and stress to re-claim their lives.

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My Story

Angela of RIPEN is a mindfulness practitioner and an accredited teacher of the Breathworks approach. She is also trained to teach Paws B, a primary school programme for KS2 developed by Mindfulness in Schools Project (MISP).

Angela became interested in meditation in 2003 after taking a break from work due to stress.  She found that some forms of meditation helped her relax and stopped her mind from being constantly on the go.  Angela was often planning the future, rehearsing what to say or going over and over events in the past.

In 2011 mindfulness seemed to appear in Angela’s life.  The psychotherapist attached to the programme Angela was managing suggested it as an approach with families and at the same time a member of Angela’s family, who lived in Amsterdam, had been referred to a mindfulness programme to help her ‘be’ with and understand the behaviour of one of her children.

From this time, Angela started to practice.  Angela noticed that she would drop off from a daily practice when life felt good and she felt sustained and then remember how much she needed it when it was too late and she was feeling burned out and drained.  She was living in a cycle of boom and bust.

In 2016 Angela made the decision to leave the job she held, without a job to go to.  She was worn out.  She remembers googling mindfulness courses and the first that popped up was a Mindfulness for Health programme running from the Breathworks base at the Buddhist Centre in Manchester.  Feeling too stressed to wait for the Mindfulness for Stress programme that was running two months later, she enrolled on the programme.

That was the start of Angelas journey with Breathworks and she became accredited to teach their approach to mindfulness in December 2019.

It’s made a huge difference to her life in so many ways and at so many different levels.  She loves that compassion is central to the Breathworks approach.

Mindfulness in daily life has enabled Angela to see more clearly, the fog has lifted. It has enabled her to be more present, to listen more deeply and to notice and be with her own feelings of discomfort.  She fixes less these days.  It’s also helped Angela to live with anxious feelings, to befriend her self critic and to become her own best friend.  Sometimes she forgets, but the intention is there.  She finds that she has a sense of calm, balance and peace.

She is a believer that the time has to be right for people to explore mindfulness, and that it’s not right for everyone.  People find their own way of being and sometimes the conditions are not right.  She disagrees with the way it is often offered universally in replace of good services, or offered in the workplace to cope with cuts and increasing workloads.  Angela is committed to healing centred practice.

Mindfulness in Schools Project - Paws B Programme

Between 2018 – 2020 as part of a contract with Bradford Council Angela facilitated a mindfulness programme across schools and support services. She could have chosen to facilitate lots of workshops herself. Instead she chose to spend a portion of the contract funding on training others so that the skills would be there long after the contract ended.

13 teachers /support staff accessed a mindfulness programme to develop their own practice.

12 teachers accredited to facilitate the PawsB Programme (Key Stage 2)

881 children from 15 schools participated within mindfulness sessions and programmes.

You can read more about the approach and outcomes within the report below.

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