James and the Lemon Drizzle Cake

Imagine if, our call to health creation was ‘Let them Eat Cake” or “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche” as famously attributed to Marie Antoinette, on learning that the peasants had no bread. Imagine if we started with what’s strong, like our love of communal cake eating.  Instead of what’s wrong – we should eat less […]

The Five Wise Women of Wigan

At this time of year it’s a tradition in the culture that I was reared within to hear the story of the three wise men who arrived bearing gifts.  As a child, and girl, it was the hardest gig to land a role in at my school. Mary or the donkey seemed to be the […]

Hungry Hippos

Have you ever played Hungry Hippos? I’ve been reminded of this game recently having seen a care home in Wales set a large scale game up for the people who live there. I remember playing it with my two boys. It was one of those games that could either go really well, or end in […]