The Bullseye tool is a participatory tool that can be used for planning, reviewing or evaluating with individuals or groups.

How to Use It

The bullseye is split into four segments and can be further split into eight or twelve.

It complements the What Matters to You tool on the Citizen page. Once you have identified the four values that matter most to you then you can place each one in a segment. The closer to the centre, the closer you are living your life true to your values. It can help to think about what could be a first step towards the values that guide your life.

It is a useful tool for evaluating time that groups have spent together, particularly if you have decided together what you want to evaluate.

It can be used to measure one off gatherings such as workshops. It can be recreated onto a large flip chart. People seem to enjoy using sticky dots to represent their views of the experience. A bit like dot voting.

You can use it to evaluate the way that people felt for example – I felt able to join in or I felt listened to and valued or to measure peoples experience of or satisfaction with events for example – I learned a new skill, I was able to share a skill or I made a new friend.

The opportunities for use are as large as your imagination.

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